CitizenshipUAE Citizenship Through Investing in the Country

UAE Citizenship Through Investing in the Country

The United Arab Emirates is among one of the leading nations with citizen-friendly policies and a vision to improve this world. Therefore, if you are looking for opportunities to acquire citizenship through investing in a country, then the UAE is where you will find the best one, along with residency and permanent visa options. So, get citizenship by investment Dubai today. It has been inviting foreign investors with their families to explore and be a part of the leading nation. Let’s look at the program to understand all the requirements and processes. 

Immediate Criteria for the Application

The strategy attracts big investors and talented individuals from other nations to UAE by providing them with investment and trade facilities to increase the economy and become the hub of international trade and business.  

UAE offers two types of residency options to foreigners, and both have expiry dates. The first one is for five years, and the other one is for ten years. 

If you plan to obtain a ten-year residency visa in UAE, then you must invest an amount not less than 10 million AED there. 

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Following are the Pathways to Invest:

  1. Either make a down payment of 10 million for any national investment program. 
  2. Or establish a business by investing the capital amount of 10 million AED anywhere in the country.
  3. Or invest by taking any partner on board with you and investing in any local company by dividing the total amount into equal parts. 
  4. And lastly, you can collectively use all 10 million AED in the earlier programs. 

Regulatory Qualification for Ten-Year Program is:

  • You must provide evidence of your invested funds to ensure that it is not illegal or from any loan. 
  • You should keep the payment invested for more than three years. 
  • And you should have a bank balance that is more than what you are investing (AED 10 million). 
  • You can also call your family, including your spouse and kids. The sponsorship also invites one consultant and an assistive director. 

Qualification for Five-Year Citizenship Visa Through Investment:

  • You must invest an amount in a real estate developing initiative, which has to be worth AED 5 million. 
  • You must own the property for a period that is more than three years.
  • You also should prove that the investment is legal and isn’t a loan. Prove through bank statements. 

What are the Significant Benefits Investors Get in return?

  • Whether you have invested 5 or 10 million AED, you can live freely anywhere in UAE. You can also enrol for education or work. There is complete freedom to do anything. 
  • The investor can also sponsor his kids and spouse under these investment programs. 
  • The registration process of assets is comparatively short, with minimal restrictions. 
  • The UAE passport also gives you free access to more than one hundred and fifty countries without a visa. 

If you plan to visit and invest in UAE, this is high timeContact here to know more about the various options available.


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