Work VisaTypes of Work Permit Available in Canada

Types of Work Permit Available in Canada

As one of the world’s leading economies, Canada welcomes immigrants from all around the world, more than any other country, every year. Some apply for a Canadian visa for education, some for work purposes, and some with a business plan, only after fulfilling the eligibility criteria. The country offers two main work permits for people looking for work-related opportunities. Apply for the Canada work permit Bangalore today and get a chance to work there. 

Different Types of Canadian Work Permit

  1. This permit requires you to have a Canadian employer for the issuance. The name of this type of permit is employer-specific, which means you can work only with one employer who has given you the permit. You need to write your name, employer’s name, job title, and tenure for this permit to have the job. Similarly, your employer should request an LMIA, which is a must to hire any foreign worker in the country.
  • The other type of permit is an open permit, which requires neither the employer nor a working title. You are free to go for any job opportunity and work under any employer in Canada. Your employer doesn’t need to get LMIA from the government with this permit. 

Who Can Acquire the Permit?

• A completed online application form. 

• He should prove that he has no intention to live in Canada after the expires.

• Bank statements to prove you have financial support for your stay in Canada. 

• Prove that you have zero criminal background and zero threat to Canadian society.

• Medical history to ensure your good health. 

• Prove that you have no intentions to work with forbidden employers. 

• You need to submit your academic certificates.

• Valid passport.

• And application fee submission. 

• The original document to prove the genuine employment offer, one copy of each: the LMIA and employment contract is necessary for employer-specific work permits only. 

How Much Will It Cost?

The amount necessary to apply for both the permits, whether open or employer-specific, comes to around 9000 Indian Rupees.

Once it is issued, you must obtain a visa to enter the Canadian territory. Some countries do not require their nationals to have a visa to enter Canada,e.g. New Zealand. For India and many other countries, a work permit, either openwork or employer-specific, provides an entry visa. Therefore, you don’t have to apply for an ETA visa or an option for temporary residency, TRV. However, both work permits do not offer permanent residence or job opportunities. There are other options for all those who do not want to go back and live and work in Canada permanently. Express entry is the most prominent and fastest PR program. There are three main federal programs available. The division helps you choose the right program that suits your skills, qualification and experience. In addition, several expert visa agents in Bangalore can help you apply for both temporary and permanent work permits.


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