TechnologyTransforming the Automotive Industry - The Role of GPS Vehicle Tracking in...

Transforming the Automotive Industry – The Role of GPS Vehicle Tracking in Dubai

In this blog, we will explore  the role of the GPS vehicle tracking system in dubai:

1) Giving the real time visibility

Fixing the GPS vehicle tracking system in dubai  assists you to handle your fleet easily on the map in real time, receive the messages in event of any other irregular activity of route and recover your vehicle in case of theft.

2) Gear monitoring

If you connect  with your valuable capital  and the gear, you can easily monitor  and update you in real time on position, speed and direction, as well as offer the data  of the road terms  and other important aspects of the weather.

3) Route Planning 

GPS vehicle tracking system in dubai give the proper and authentic navigation support to the drivers, taking into account a host of  knowledge for instance  gear features,  sales territory and other capabilities , real time on ground data.

4) Effective dispatch process

Say thankyou to integrating GPS  with the vehicle telematics, mobile apps, cloud  technology , it is an opportunity  to make real time alignment among drivers, vehicle  and fleet managers. 

5) Process of safety 

You can receive the notification about the safety qualities in your vehicle, for instance seat belt , behavior of the driver , rough braking, wrong turns, fast speed of the vehicle . In this case fleet managers take action promptly

6) Improve efficiency of the fuel 

Fuel effectiveness of the vehicle can be evaluated by looking at fuel card purchase like mileage, other vehicle parameters, make best plans  and driver activities information

7) Obligation of the drivers

Wicked activities while driving like excessive speed , tough brakes affect the fuel efficiency  and the engine health. GPS tracking system in dubai can assist the fleet managers to look at activities of the driver by journey  and receive the  notifications  when a limited  speed or region crosses.

8) Automated Compliance

GPS vehicle tracking system in dubai  assists  to automate  and streamline the procedure of history of  labor work hours. This information can be transformed directly  to the regulatory framework in the needed format.

9) Tracking the irregular activities 

This tracking system helps a lot because every time a vehicle enters or leaves the region , messages are received to the fleet manager , thus they will determine when the vehicle is taking off  and monitor the activities  for unauthorized purposes.

10) Improve the satisfaction level of customers

This assists you  streamline  the whole procedure , right form of  order management  and optimization of the routes , procedure of the monitoring , in app connection, supplying the expected time of shipping.

11) Improve the level of workers

Drivers are licensed by guided navigation, two types of connection and training session. Furthermore optimal journey  and dispatch brings about an effective employ of their time and improves productivity. 

12) Evaluating the emissions 

GPS Vehicle tracking system in dubai  can evaluate the output of the carbon dioxide  and emissions can be computed  depending on the vehicle run time, and the fuel type. Complete information about your fleet GHG emission can equip you to take the measures and remove the carbon footprint

13) Remove the insurance price 

If you use the tracking system  insurance companies are assured that your vehicle will recover in case of theft and thet process is in place to evaluate the activities of the driver and the behavior .This can remove  the insurance premiums by value of  18%.

Insurance are  looking at individual driver behavior  information, to more accurate find the challenge level in your business

14) Insights and analytics

GPS vehicle tracking system in dubai remove the requirement of application form or the paper record as accessible  information on the vehicle  labor  and the functions are monitored  as well as protected in the cloud ,  ready to be available  and evaluated as needed.

Final verdict

Businesses in Dubai have to charge on the activity of delay delivery  for instance  mileage wasting, increase the operating price, driver incorrect behavior and remove the vehicle life.

You have to  stop all these issues when you pick one solution: GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Dubai and get your business on the fast track to evaluate in advance. 

After all, to exist and prosper in the bustling city of Dubai , you will not only have to improve your productivity but also future-proof your business.


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