TravelMust-Visit Countries in the Schengen Area

Must-Visit Countries in the Schengen Area

Schengen is an area that has 26 European member countries, which has abolished all its territories. It lets a tourist holding a visitor visa travel to any of its member countries without any restrictions or needs for a visa, making the Schengen visitor visa one of the strongest. Each country has unique and many beautiful destinations that will make your travel unforgettable. Apply for the Schengen visa for UAE residents today and get a chance to visit the European countries.  

Countries You Cannot Avoid Visiting in Schengen


The country is famous for its medieval town cores, ancient architecture, castles and carnivals. Here are some of the main tourist attractions available in the country to visit with your family. They are as follows: The Grand Palace in Brussels, The Canals and Belfry, Bruges, The Battlefields of Flanders, The Meuse Valley, etc.


If you are looking for a country showcasing the perfect harmony with nature and city life, then Finland is the right choice. The place is filled with unspoilt forests, spectacular aurora displays, regularly spaced huts, national parks and much more. It is ideal for people who love kayaking, hiking, skiing, or canoeing. In addition, you can visit the Suomenlinna Fortress, Helsinki Churches, Design district, Aland Archipelago, etc.


It is famous for its historical landmarks, snowy mountains, romantic sunset views, exotic islands, and coastal villages. In addition, the country is ideal for people who love art and architecture. The top tourist attractions in the country are the Eiffel Tower, Lavender Field in Provence, Mont Saint-Michel, Château de Versailles, Alsace Villages, Loire Valley Châteaux, Côte d’Azur, etc.


It is a country that is famous for historic harbors, dramatic castles, lush forests, good climate and exquisite beaches. It also boasts of its high-quality design and architecture. You can visit the Tivoli Gardens, National Museum, The National Gallery of Denmark, Christiansborg Palace, LEGO House, Oresund Bridge, etc.


Because of the active volcanoes and glaciers, it is known as the Land of Fire and Ice. It is an ideal destination for people who love nature. The dramatic landscape, visual art, whale watching, national parks, live music, and locavore cuisine is what makes it a famous tourist destination. You can watch the whales, breathtaking geysers, and the northern light from the place or soak in the blue lagoon and visit the Skaftafell Ice Cave with your family. 


It is a country famous for its beautiful landscape consisting of lush forests, running rivers, giant mountain ranges and exotic beaches. The place is ideal for people who enjoy nightlife and are interested in history and culture. The Neuschwanstein Fairytale Castle, Brandenburg Gate, The Black Forest, Catholic Cathedral in Cologne, and The Historic Port of Hamburg are some of the most visited places in the country.


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