CitizenshipGuide for Professionals to Get Canadian PR

Guide for Professionals to Get Canadian PR

Each year multiple vacancies are open in Canada, which needs to be filled by professionals from outside the country. It leads the government to accept many immigrants from around the globe to work and stay there. The authorities select prospects according to the criteria specified the Express Entry. In addition, the program was designed under the requirements of the Canadian law with the primary aim to attract skilled foreign citizens into the country. 

There should be the required qualifications and experience that Canadian companies are searching for. Candidates applying for the PR status under the skilled worker program can also include their spouses and children. The skilled workers are then allowed to apply for permanent residency status. This article will take you through the essential requirements for a skilled worker visa Canada under the program. 

Criteria That You Need to Satisfy

The primary condition to register for a skilled foreign citizen is to possess any skill within the 347 professions listed in the Classification list of National Occupation. Below are the requirements that should be followed by a skilled worker who is a citizen of a foreign country to apply.

  • The working knowledge of the skill must fall inside the skill classification type. i.e., Professional or Technical or Managerial occupation. It should also be available in the list of NOCs,
  • He should have been working in a full-time or permanent position. The position must fall inside the required ones in the NOC list, and the working knowledge must fall inside the ten preceding years before the current year, 
  • The candidate must also go through the English language proficiency test to show that he has the required knowledge to speak, read, write and understand the language, 
  • He should have a score not less than the necessary points specified by the Canadian government. In addition, you must gain the points that comprise six selection factors,
  • Even though there is no limit for the prospect’s age, he will lose the points if he completes 35 years,
  • He must also have a bank account that states that he has the required cash to settle down in the new country after he gets the job there, 
  • There will be a background check-up and health examination that the candidate must follow to apply for a visa under the program, and 
  • The program considers you ineligible if you have any criminal records in your country or suffer from any serious medical conditions.

Suppose you meet all the conditions mentioned above and submit all the documents that are demanded by the authorities, and if they find you as a suitable applicant, then you will get the evaluation result within one to two working days. If you have any further queries regarding the visa application for a skilled foreign worker in Canada or to know whether your skill is listed in the NOC, contact here.


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