VehiclesCommon Industries Which Use Gantry Cranes

Common Industries Which Use Gantry Cranes

Gantry electric traveler cranes are load handling machines that stand in their legs without any support or need to be installed or attached to a building’s structure. These machines travel on wheels on a path and carry trolleys, bridges or hoists. When you plan to install a gantry crane in the worksite, try choosing one that matches the operations conducted in the business areas and the items to be handled by the equipment. 

Industries Which Use Gantry Electric Travelling Cranes

The gantry electronic travel overhead cranes can be employed in many industrial sectors to help lift, move, and handle heavy-weight materials, which is otherwise difficult. 


These machines are utilized in repair and maintenance shops to lift and position things that need repairing. These are ideal solutions for automobile mechanic shops to handle vehicles, engines, and other parts, making it easy for the person to fix the problems without lifting heavy objects.

Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing sites will have many raw materials needed to manufacture and the finished goods or products that need moving to the warehouses. The gantry cranes are ideal for lifting the products and moving them to the final destination. In addition, the equipment minimizes the need to employ more people, which reduces the costs for manufacturing.


There will be heavy packages that need shipping to another place in a shipyard. These packages require to be loaded to the ships to transport them. Using the gantry cranes will help shipping companies to handle these items more easily without causing the boxes much damage while moving.


These are places where so many goods are stored, requiring frequent movement to another site out of the warehouse; this is when gantry cranes are of great use. These machines help assemble and sort out heavy goods inside and enable to move them outside the warehouse within minimum time. 

Construction Sites

Multiple items are necessary for construction assignments. The equipment helps people manage heavy loads like cement, bricks, equipment, machines, tiles, etc. and help them raise them to where needed. It allows the construction to be conducted more efficiently and quickly.

Why Use Gantry Cranes?

  • It increases the flexibility and mobility inside the work sites.
  • These machines are safer and more efficient than a human.
  • In addition, they can be easily moved or relocated to another place.
  • Using these helps reduce the costs spent on acquiring more workforce.
  • It increases productivity.
  • It helps lift more heavy items easily and quickly.
  • It allows bringing loads to a more significant height effortlessly.
  • Reduced costs in the worksites lead to increases return on investment to the whole firm.

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