BusinessAll You Need to Know Regarding the Canadian Immigration Process

All You Need to Know Regarding the Canadian Immigration Process

Canada provides exceptional education, business and work opportunities to international students, investors and skilled workers. It also promises an excellent health system and a sustainable lifestyle, which is why millions of people want to migrate or visit Canada once in their lifetime. If you plan to visit or move to the country, the Canada immigration consultants in Sharjah can be your helping hands. This article will help you choose the relevant visa depending on your reason to visit Canada. 

Visa Options to Know Before Application

Canadian Visitor Visa

If you plan to visit Canada for travel or any business purpose, a visitor visa is the best option. It permits you temporarily stay in the country for at least six months with single and multiple entry options. You can either apply online or directly approach the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country for further processes. 

You will even need a visitor visa if you need to transit through Canada to reach your final landing country. There are different Visitor visa options, including temporary work visas, business visas, official visas, and tourist visas. In addition, you can apply for any permit that suits your time-being needs. 

Canadian Immigrant Visa

A permanent residency visa permits its holder to settle his life in Canada without restrictions or time constraints. With this visa, you can work, live, travel or even study. 

The government offers multiple visa options to individuals with different eligibility requirements and purposes.  

  1. Immigrant Investor visa program: is issued to only those applicants who make the enormous financial investment to promote the Canadian economy. 
  2. Startup Visa program: caters to those foreign individuals who want to contribute to the Canadian economy by establishing any startup. There are specific requirements such as the applicant must control one-third of the whole company and create job opportunities for Canadian Citizens. 
  3. Self-employment Visa Program: this visa covers all the skillful applicants who want to start farming or any business venture. To be eligible for this visa, the aspirant has to prove his skills in the respective business area. 

Express Entry Visa

An express entry visa is only for overseas skilled workers looking for migration opportunities for a better future. The following are three main categories: 

  1. For the experienced working-class (CEC): you can seek permanent residency with this visa category if you temporarily have been to Canada for three years on foreign work permit. 
  2. Federal skilled worker visa: to be eligible for this visa program, you must have foreign work experience and other qualified factors. 
  3. Skilled trades visa: you can apply for PR status if you are an overseas skilled tradesman and have experience. 

There is also a study visa merely for educational purposes. You can contact our experts at DM Consultant Sharjah, who can explain and simplify the immigration process for more information. 


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