Work VisaAll About Skilled Worker Visa We Must Know

All About Skilled Worker Visa We Must Know

We usually hear about visas for visitors, study or job purposes, and permanent residence. There is also a popular type called a skilled worker visa. By the name, people are usually misled about the term and consider it a visa for skilled workers to start working in another country right after going there. In actuality, the skilled worker visa is not very simple to attain. Once someone has landed a job in another country, they are required to meet the criteria of experience, training, and education. The opportunity can only be availed once they are willing to do job training (for a year or two) in the new place. Whether you are looking for a skilled worker visa USA or any other country, the requirements are almost the same. The skilled individuals are never hired on the basis of the work experience acquired from their native country. Let’s have a look at some more facts and details about skilled worker visas which you probably never heard of before.

  1. There are certain requirements to attain a skilled worker visa. Make sure that you meet all the given criteria and never miss any step for successful completion. The training would be provided to every individual who’ll be hired for the job. This is done to let them learn the way of working in that environment and to do the job properly without wasting time.
  2. A skilled worker who’s experienced is preferable to the one who has just done some courses and never done the job to the date. This is because they consider it easy to train the experienced staff (due to their prior knowledge of getting things done efficiently) rather than the non-professionals. 
  3. Education is still important. Any skilled individual who hasn’t gone to school ever and can’t read or write would be rejected straight away. Although, there is no need to attain a university degree a certain education is important to get the golden opportunity of working abroad and getting your visa approved.
  4. An applicant must score 70 points by fulfilling the criteria. The assessment is done on the basis of salary and skills. 
  5. They must have proper evidence of getting a job offer from the registered firm in the respective country. Secondly, there is no room for applicants who can’t speak English. It’s an international language and one who wants to work in an English-speaking country must have full command over it. 

It is always suggested to hire a consultant for getting your visa. Whether it is a US visitor visa or for working abroad with some skill, a consultant can turn things easier for you specifically for the first time. Otherwise, you may feel some challenges due to a lack of knowledge or not getting proper updates on any policies created by the country where you want to go. It really gives peace of mind to the visa applicants if they prefer getting assistance from a consultant rather than the ones who think to do everything on their own. 


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