Business5 easy tips to write the employee contract 

5 easy tips to write the employee contract 


Being humans it is very easy for us to forget the things we say a moment ago. So how can you deal with an important business deal or any legal issues without writing it in a proper document?

It simply means understanding the written agreements between the two parties. 

An employee contract template is necessary for every employee and an employee to write all the details and responsibilities in the form of an agreement. 

Let’s see how it will be beneficial for you!

Basic responsibilities

All duties and tasks assigned by the employer must be completed by the worker. Also, the employer has all right to add other responsibilities to its worker if he wants.

You could add percentages to each responsibility if you wish to present a more detailed breakdown of obligations.

Employment working period

The main thing you need to hatch on this is whether you are assigning a part-time or full-time job. This will help the worker to easily apply for his new job. It is also good if you already mentioned the total number of hours you give to your worker.

Having proper written documents related to employee duration kicks off all confusion between you and your employee. 

Confidential and Privacy Policy

This is private and personal information of the company or of an employer which a worker needs to keep very safe. An employee is not allowed to share any information about the company with any other competing company.

Make sure when your boss handover a termination letter an employee should not be in contact with any other employer’s client.

Vacation or leaves 

This is a particularly delicate section of your application. It has two sorts of vacations: annual leaves and sick leaves. You must ensure that they are divided into distinct categories so that your employee can grasp them without being confused.

Every firm has different crucial days that cannot be missed by employees. When the pressure is low, make sure your employee adjusts his vacation.


Not a healthy thing but a definite one! It’s good that things go smoothly between you and your employee but what if your brains don’t match? You have to prepare yourself by writing an agreement on termination.

Make sure you have mentioned the notice period for your worker. You have to give a handsome amount of money to your employee after leaving so that he can push his own work.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a temporary employment agreement the same as a permanent one?

 Temporary employees are hired under a temporary contract. Also, it specifies the duration of the contract’s validity.

Who are the main holders of employment contracts?

Managers, business owners, or Officers in charge of recruitment.

Things to pick

Don’t be too lazy to make a written agreement between the two parties. As it might lead you to a big problem. It is good that your employee must have complete knowledge of your business before jumping into it. Please visit here our website at kanoony.comand get consulted by our experts for your convenience.


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